Common Myths About Wearing High Heels

High heels will forever be one of the most exciting additions to any wardrobe. They boast an eternally popular style that automatically lets all those around you know that you’re serious about your style. You can walk into a room filled with strangers and instantly make a positive impression on them when you have the right pair of heels on. However, it should be noted that the right pair is indeed very crucial to this equation, leading us into the first of the most common myths about wearing high heels.

Just because a pair of high heel shoes or stilettos may look amazing one person doesn’t mean they will look amazing on you too. You should always be aware of how your body type may affect the appearance of the clothes, shoes and accessories you wear. For example, the cut of your leg lines simply may not be the best for ankle strap stiletto heels. However, there is no need to despair if this is the case. You’ll just need to do a little shoe research, which we’re sure you shoe junkies will have absolutely no problem with. For example, if an ankle strap stiletto heel isn’t very flattering then you might want to look into what a stiletto platform shoe can do for you.

Another myth that is frequently shared is that high heels are only appropriate for classy occasions or fancy functions. Although they do in fact tend to be the best option for fancy functions such as fine dining and ballroom events, this is most certainly not the only time they can be worn. In fact, one of the reasons high heels are so popular is because they can be worn to just about any occasion with an almost limitless number of outfits.

And for those of you who haven’t been wearing high heels for very long, then you may be afraid of the no-slick surfaces myth. Although walking on slick surfaces such as smooth tile can be a bit tricky, it’s certainly not impossible to do. What you’ll need to do to prevent slipping is take smaller steps. This will help you maintain more solid base.

It’s also rumored that you can’t run in high heels. While you won’t be able to run fast enough in heels to compete in the Olympics, you will be able to attain a medium pace if you scrunch your toes to hold them to your feet and concentrate on putting a bit more weight on your toes-be careful though!

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