Confidence Equals Attraction – Build Your Strong Foundation

Ask any woman what she finds most attractive in a man and she will reply “confidence.” Confidence is sometimes hard to get. Some men never get any. Consider these ideas and watch your confidence bloom. To present a confident persona your appearance must be neat and well groomed. This will give you a internal feeling of well being.

Confident in your appearance. Every day you should work your muscles to keep them toned and growing. Physical work is good for both your mind and body. It brings about more feelings of well being which will translate into greater confidence. Begin by enhancing your appearance as best you can. Some new cloths and shoes, a hair cut and work out will do wonders for your self image.

Now for the fun part. In your mind imagine walking around your job or school with your head held high making eye contact with everyone you pass. You do this everyday for at least three weeks. Morning and night. Over and over. Next you imagine walking into a room filled with women. Beautiful women. As you enter you are standing tall with a smile on your face. You enter as if you own the place and know everyone inside can’t wait to see you.

You throw up your arms in greeting like you just won the super bowl single handed. Do these mental exercises daily. No really, do them twice a day. The more detail you build into these exercises the more effective they will be. To super charge the effects you can use self hypnosis, but that is another article.

Source by B. Bryon Bryson

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