Cooper Technology Impacting on Polish Road Network Development

Cooper Technology continue on their Road to Success in Poland.

With a population close to 39 million, Poland has an extensive road system (204,000km) of mainly two lane routes. However following its membership to the EU in 2004, a serious lack of underinvestment left the country lacking in the density and quality of motorways, expressways and City ring roads required for the fast growing economy.

In response to public demand and requirements to meet European standards, the Polish Government embarked on an ambitious programme to build 992 km of motorways, 1136 express ways and 324 km ring roads between 2010-2012. The massive construction works has required extensive funding, with a record 31bn PLN (7,75bn EUR) planned for 2010 and 23bn PLN (5.75bn EUR) in 2012.

As reported previously, the project has suffered numerous funding setbacks since it began, and estimates suggest that the Polish Government will have to borrow €6 billion during 2010 to fund the planned road investments with around €2.66 billion coming from the European Investment Bank (EIB).

However, the scheme is now largely back on track. In order to meet its ambitions, the Polish General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA) was required to invite expressions of interest for companies to tender for provision of testing equipment to its 16 regional laboratories. The process was introduced to ensure the most effective, efficient and economic means of achieving the quality standards set by EU regulations alongside Polands own requirements.

Following an intense tendering competition Cooper Technology, in close collaboration with Viateco, their top selling agent since 1995, won the contract to provide over a €1M worth of high performance asphalt quality testing equipment for the laboratories involved in Poland’s road construction project.

This was another feather in the cap for Cooper Technology who are one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of high-performance testing equipment for asphaltic and unbound materials. It was due to their comprehensive and detailed technical specification to provide equipment that was bespokely adapted to meet the precise requirements of Poland that set them apart from the rest. In addition, Viateco’s professionalism, reputation and contacts, Cooper’s quality, knowledge, global experience and their competitive pricing strategy that proved an unbeatable formula in winning the tender.

This pioneering company will provide laboratories at the General Roads and Motorways Directorate with universal pneumatic systems, testing accessories and temperature controlled cabinets, large device roller compactors and wheel trackers, and gyratory compactors.

Not only has Cooper’s developed a global reputation as a producer of high quality and affordable test equipment, Viateco’s unrivalled levels of support for all its equipment that set the co-companies apart. Both support teams are actively involved with development of the equipment and are therefore able to offer a speedy, well-informed response to any issues that may arise.

Cooper Technology attach great importance to the conformity of their equipment, which is why they are involved with standards committees in the UK, Europe and the US. This not only ensures they keep a keen eye on the latest standards requirements for specific country’s, it means they also have an in-depth knowledge of, and are fully compliant with, the standards of the specific customers they work with. The equipment being provided by Cooper’s for Poland is important to the success of the construction plans in terms of ensuring all aspects of the materials (including asphalts) meet both European Standards and Polish regulations.

Not only will the testing machines improve the performance and longevity of the roads being built, it is also designed to use the minimum materials to lower maintenance costs and provide the most environmentally friendly options available. All Coopers machines conform to EN12697 standards on fatigue testing, modulus testing, wheel tracking, roller compaction and gyratory compaction.

Three major motorways are now under construction in Poland and will span the entire country, covering the majority of major cities, including Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw, Lodz, Warsaw, Krakow and Katowice, connecting them to Western and South Europe. Marianne Rolland, Commercial Director at Cooper’s said ” We have worked closely with Viateco, our partners in Poland since the very beginning of the project and by complying with all the very stringent tender requirements we won the competition over the other suppliers. With exceptionally strong technical features and outstanding references from customers across the world, the quality and reliability of Cooper’s testing results will contribute to the future performance of the Polish roads. Everyone at Cooper Technology is proud to have played a key part in a project that will impact so significantly on the future of Polands economy. “

Source by Zameer Syed

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