Core Rhythms – Hot Latin Dance Moves For Core Rhythm Exercises

Have you been wanting the exercise program that has upbeat music and great instructors instructing how to use your abs and obliques? It is available! The hot Latin dance moves that turn on your core rhythms is stunning and powerful. Here’s 4 encouraging reasons to get lean and flat abs with Core Rhythms Dance Exercise Program:

  • As you know, exercise programs get repetitive and boring. One way to change it up is by using exhilarating music. This program offers fast progressions with sexy beats to enhance a sexy abs workout, and then cools down with a slower, sensuous rhythm. The music makes it easier to be the rhythm, not just try to stay in step with it. It is a great influencer for a fun, accomplished workout.
  • Jaana Kunitz and Julia Powers are mesmerizing to watch. They are world champion ballroom dancers teaching any level student some very powerful exercises. How they do this is via the interactive videos that have a help button. Click on it and the move you are stuck on is fully explained and broken down with the instructors. It is like having your own personal coach clearly helping you along. Nothing like audio,video detailed instructions whenever you need them.
  • The stunning starter pack includes 4 DVD’s: Kick Start, Full Workout, Quick Workout, and Latin Dance Made Easy. Each one is great for any level student. The Kick Start breaks down each move, so you are familiar with the exercises in the other videos. It is a beginner way to the expert practice of the dance workout. Non-beginners often return to it to refresh what they thought they were doing correctly.
  • The music, moves, help feature, and instructors are merely the icing on the cake. The real reason for enthusiasm about Core Rhythms is results. First, I have always sweated doing these exercises, and that means a fat burn is happening. That results in weight loss as well as a slimmer, flatter, trimmer body. Yes, positive results with a variety of non-boring Latin dance moves.

The only cons to the program is in the online ordering. It can be very inviting, offering more than the starter pack. In fact, I ordered the Sculpture Series along with the starter pack. I’m glad I did.

Source by Monica Hose

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