Cost of Living in Different USA States

A huge importance is given by the American society to individualism. Each person is responsible for the decisions that define his or hers life. Since childhood, the Americans learn that work improves your way of life and the social position. Moreover, the Americans are not so found of the social differences, and they are not formal, having a tendency to equalize the interpersonal relationships.

This style expands to the way they dress, eat, and live. However, even with those small differences between different classes, The Cost of Living in State is different. It is one thing to live in New York, one of the most expensive cities of the world, while living in the unfortunate area of Louisiana where a hurricane could strike anytime is another thing.

The Cost of Living in State is determined by the capital cities. Generally, a state where the capital has a low cost of living has the same cost in each part of the state. It is important to make a budget including rent, food, clothes, utilities, and fun. The budget must be monitored continuously, and you must put the monthly bills and the rates above fun and entertainment. This is because even in those parts of USA where The Cost of Living in State is low, you will be penalized instantly if you are not paying the utilities.

The Cost of Living in State is higher in states like California, Massachusetts and the metropolitan area of New York. The base expenses for every person living in USA are:

The Rent
The rent could be 150 dollars a month for a common apartment with a separate bedroom and a common living along with some of your friends. However, a small apartment with one bathroom and one living could easily cost more than 2000 dollars a month in New York, and we are not talking even about the most expensive areas!

Don’t forget the rent deposit that costs about 100-500 dollars and must be paid with the first rent.

You will pay about 50-100 dollars for electricity, phone, water, and gas. Some real estate owners include this cost in the rent. While The Cost of Living in State is substantially different from one state to another, those utilities are usually fixed in the whole country. This means you will pay the same money for electricity whether you are living in the Arizona desert or in Hollywood.

The cable TV and the internet costs from 50 to 200 dollars, depending on the package and facilities offered.

An average person needs about 100-200 $ per month to eat. We are only talking about those persons that prefer to buy the groceries from the supermarket and to cook them. If you like junk food and restaurants, those costs could easily go over 500 dollars a month.

The Cost of Living in State is different from one area to another when it comes to entertainment. In New York, you can attend the Opera for 1500 dollars a night, while a drive-in cinema ticket in Mississippi costs 7 dollars.

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