Cowboys’ continued failures vs. NFL elite finally could spell doom for Jason Garrett

Jerry Jones might as well be a NASCAR owner, watching a bumbling driver careen his pristine car over an embankment. He is an architect building a mansion, only the contractor bought the wrong cement. He is an Oscar-winner producing a blockbuster, but the director lost the script. 

It’s hard to fault Jones for his loyalty to Jason Garrett. In a microwave society, where results must be instant or must be damned, that Jones has hitched his star to one of his former players for a decade is commendable. 

But after a winnable 13-9 loss to the New England Patriots dropped the Dallas Cowboys to 6-5 on the year — despite a loaded lineup that comes with the receipts to prove it — Jones finally said what needed to be said: “With the makeup of this team, I shouldn’t be this frustrated.” 

It was a simple sentence but brutal in its sentiments. 

It’d be one thing if the Cowboys were star-crossed, if Dak Prescott were banged up and Ezekiel Elliott shelved. Yes, Amari Cooper is less than 100 percent, but the Cowboys are generally healthy and have ample talent all over the field. They’re no underdogs. 

To watch it go to waste — and, at 6-5 with six wins over teams under .500, it most assuredly is going to waste — must be killing Jones. 

He has done everything in his power to take Dallas back to the mountaintop for the first time since the team’s 1990s heyday. He drafted well and signed big names. He ponied up for homemade heroes and traded for instant stars. 

Well, not everything in his power. 

He’s held on to Garrett for too long. What was once commendable now seems end-able — maybe inevitable. 

It’s one thing to vent about frustration. It’s another thing to call into question the very aptitude of your coaching staff, as Jones did after the game. 

He reserved his harshest words for a special teams unit that ultimately doomed the Cowboys, as a Brett Maher missed field goal and a blocked punt gave the Patriots early momentum.

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