Create link from forum for your website, blog in 12h, easy & fast delivery for $1

Create link from forum for your website,blog in 12h, easy & fast delivery

  • Forum profiles backlinks from high quality forums
  • Some links will come with link as anchor text.
  • Mix do-follow and no-follow links
  • Multiple links/keywords accepted for each order
  • Full details reports including each created links/accounts
  • Reports typically delivered within 24 hrs
  • Average unique domains 400

FAQ– why my links are not indexed or appear in backlinks checkers?

Generally getting your links indexed is important for SEO

There is a premium indexer service as extra with all of our services, it gives a high indexer rate

Indexing your links mean that Google search index these links, and know about it

The second point is the backlinks checkers, such as Google webmasters tools and Ahrefs, it takes more bit time after your links indexed in Google search, about 2 weeks and up to 3 months

Google webmasters tools will show just a few of your total links

We believe that Ahrefs spiders is less powerful than Google but it’s still faster and should index most of the backlinks but after about 2 weeks and up to 3 months of getting these links indexed in Google search
– Are backlinks permanent?

The links are permanent in normal cases, as we use high-quality unique articles in submission and also submit in high-quality sites, but in few cases, the sites may bulk delete accounts/articles or sites may down after some time, so it’s about 80% permanent.
– Can you work in non-English sites? What about articles?

Yes, we can, however, we use English related articles, with your exact keywords as you type in your language, it ranks well don’t worry
– Is it safe?

The most quality services is web 2.0, high DA backlinks & SEnuke campaigns, it is 100% safe as it works in our premium sites list
Check the premium sites list and DA
– What is the average delivery time?

Please note that our weekend is Friday, and our working time is: Saturday to Thursday – 8AM to 3PM GMT.

If you make your order within our working time, then it may be delivered within couple of hours.

In general it takes about 24 hrs. for all orders to be delivered.

In tier2 orders it may take a bit more time

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