Cufflinks, Pocket Squares & Ties – For Every Gentleman’s Attire!

One’s dressing makes all the difference, no matter what the setting. And if the setting is formal or semi-formal, then how one dresses becomes even more important.

Who says ornaments are just for women? Cufflinks, pocket squares and ties are a man’s great ornaments that make him look classy and debonair. Whether one wears them to a family function or for a professional/formal event, they are perfectly suitable for all special occasions.

The Cufflinks Charm

Cufflinks are the accessories that can’t just replace the regular buttons of one’s shirt’s cuffs, but also augment its look and charm. As various people have various choices, they come in different designs, sizes and shapes. The best thing about them is that one can have as many pairs as they please and wear them whenever required. Unlike buttons that are stitched onto the cuffs of a shirt, cufflinks are a separate accessory/item that can be put on and removed as per the need and convenience of the wearer. They come in two separate pieces generally, out of which, one passes through the holes on the cuffs, joining them; and another, is the swivel part that helps in locking/fastening them. They are manufactured in different materials these days, so one has a string of options to choose from; they can be made of crystal, enamel, glass, precious stones, stainless steel, silver, gold, platinum, among others. Not just this, there are varieties in the styles too, for instance, they can be stud cufflinks, toggle closure, drop-box chain link types etc. No matter what the type and material, they surely are a wonderful piece of manly ornament that every man would love to carry with grandeur.

The Pocket Square Passion

The pocket square is another wonderful, in-vogue accessory for Men’s formal clothing that is useful in its fundamental sense (the old-time kerchief/handkerchief-fashion), also, adds smartly to one’s style and flair. It’s easy to find a fine-quality pocket square that perfectly complements one’s outfit/attire in terms of color, contrast and size. Moreover, there are a variety of ways it can be folded and adorned on the top pocket of the coat/jacket.

The Tasteful Ties

A business or party-wear suit is hardly complete without a complementing tie. Whether it’s someone’s wedding or a corporate event, there’s a perfect tie for every place and purpose. One can choose the kind of design and print they like, or, one that goes best with their ensemble. Additionally, a selection can also be made between slim/skinny ties and bow style, whatever an individual may prefer or a certain event may demand. Similarly, the print can be polka dots or checks/chequered; in black & white as well as colored and even double-colored.

Before laying hands on any of these smart clothing accessories that complete a man’s outfit, one should look for not just the desired color and size but the quality as well. Picking an item that’s made with poor stuff won’t be much useful; however, if it’s crafted artistically with superior-quality material, it has the potential of lending a fine flourish to one’s style and presence.

Source by Susheel Tripathi

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