Dare To Dream – Book Review

By: Florence Littauer (1991)

ISBN 0-8499-3501-6

Book Price: $8.99

If you dare to dream, you will live your dreams!

What’s the best future you can imagine? If you can take the time to write an answer to this question, you are on your way to stepping into your dreams. This will lead you towards hope and encouragement to succeed personally. Your eyes will be opened to keys to your best future ever. Then you will receive insights towards the exciting ways your life can change for the better. Now, dare, prepare, wear, repair, & share your dream.

Author of more than twenty life changing books

Florence Chapman Littauer is well known across America as a dynamic motivational speaker and best-selling author. She has spoken and conducted seminars more than three hundred days a year internationally. She is a member of the National Speakers’ Association Hall of Fame. She is the author of more than twenty life changing books.

How to live our dreams

In five parts, Florence Littauer shares how to live our dreams. She expounds subjects as, look to your creativity, look to fill needs (Part One); ignore the things that don’t help, listen to people, read good books (Part Two); wear the dream (Part Three); do you look the other way to avoid problems (Part Four); share the dream (Part Five).

Possess your dreams

Florence Littauer shares in a practical, down-to-earth, humorous, and insightful manner. Her passion for success is evident, as she expresses, “Character is the resolve to keep going long after the desire to do so has passed.”

Littauer makes bold statements to align readers with success keys. Her words on personal dreams reflect this, as she declares, “To fulfill a dream it has to be your dream, not someone else’s.” Her words are brief and profound!

Quotes are used for emphasis. Florence uses Victor Hugo’s words, “There is nothing like a dream to create the future.”

As Mrs. Littauer discourses, she uses simple, clear illustrations to reveal insights. Her words concerning personal potential reflect this as she states, “We are all born with a certain predisposition and set of responses. We are not little blank pages waiting for fate to write upon us.” These words reveal intrinsic personal value in each of us!

Littauer shares inspirational stories of achievers’ lives. She speaks about Lou Ferrigno’s challenge to overcome hearing impairment and speech impediments to become Mr. Universe and eventually cast in the hit TV series “The Incredible Hulk.” Ferrigno shares, “I’ve wanted to be an actor since I was twelve. I never told anybody… “

Florence lifts the veil off wrong concepts by declaring truth boldly. She addresses the necessary diligence to realise our dreams, saying, “To see a dream come to fruition takes dedication, determination, and hard work.”

Vital concepts leading to everyone’s dreams

Florence Littauer expresses the vital concepts leading to everyone’s dreams being fulfilled.

Source by Dr Carmen Lynne

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