Deforestation Rates In Amazon Rising By A Third

“The recent news regarding the alarming rates of deforestation within the Amazon rainforest demands an urgent response from key international policymakers to address the issue. With the Brazilian government stating that deforestation has increased by an estimated 30%, the fastest level of tree felling recorded since 2008, it is testament to the fact that this has now become a global responsibility in which our increased demand for food and other resources are putting the likes of the Amazon under immense pressure.

As established during the September wildfires, the Amazon rainforest produces an estimated 20 percent of the oxygen in the worlds atmosphere and this resource is one that requires a bottom-top approach and multi-sector collaboration to mitigate impacts of climate change. One way to protect this resource and the implication it has on climate is to enforce strategies on illegal logging, mining, land incursion and all means of unethical farming or extraction practises in attempts to minimise the exploitation of this global resource. As the world continues to evolve and populations continue to increase, this resource will be of greater importance to us all therefore it is paramount we take this issue seriously and get involved to protect this resource and its role in the ecosystem.”

Andre Laperrière is the Executive Director of Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN)

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