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Yesterday, I was reading a quote which makes me realize how valuable our teeth are! The quote says, ‘Life is short so smile while you still have teeth. ‘There are so many things in our life which are taken for granted; Dental care is one of them. May be, we will value our teeth when we lose them, but why to cry over spilt milk? We can save ourselves from tooth decay by just following a healthy oral care regimen. It does not cost a lot but it will pay you off.

To start up, initially we have to understand the meaning of dental/oral hygiene. Oral or dental hygiene is the practice of keeping mouth, teeth and gums clean in order to prevent dental disorders. The following are simple tactics to sustain healthy teeth and confident smile.

The cleaning strategy:

– Brush your teeth twice daily at least for 2 minutes. Brushing your teeth with a dry tooth brush first can also help to clean your teeth.

– Use dental floss at least once a day between your teeth to prevent plaque formation.

– Rinse your mouth thoroughly with fluoride mouthwash. This ensures enamel stability and fresh breath.

– Exercise tongue cleaning daily.

Dietary aspect:

The culprits:

Sugars and acids are the basic culprits to damage your teeth. Food containing these ingredients or foods converting into sugars and acids, both are harmful for teeth. These stuffs are the food for bacteria which readily grow in your mouth and cause plaque. Likewise, some beverages like tea contain tannin which discolour your teeth and it is very difficult to repair the originality. The culprits include: candies, Citrus or acidic fruits, Juices, Tea and coffee, Crackers, Soda and Wine.

The preservers:

The following foods contribute to healthy teeth and gums as they provide essential nutrients for your dental health and aids in washing out the culprit items damaging your teeth. Some ingredients work by increasing saliva in your mouth. These include fiber rich fruits, water, meat, nuts and airy products.

Dental visits:

Plan regular dental checkups. Your dentist will guide you best how to keep your oral hygiene upgraded.

Myths deciphered:

There are several myths associated with dental care techniques. Some of them are debunked below;

I. Bleaching is harmful for your teeth: Dental bleaching is done to remove stains from your teeth. Over bleaching can give a turbid effect to your teeth but it will not interfere with teeth strength.

II. Brushing your bleeding teeth or gums will be harmful: No! Rather, it I advised to brush the bleeding gums to remove the problem causing agents from the mouth.

III. Practicing dental care techniques are hazardous in pregnancy: This is completely wrong. It is recommended to follow regular dental cleaning during pregnancy to avoid the risk of any infection.

IV. Too much sugar consumption is bad: It is the time of exposure which matters, not the quantity of sugar. Bacteria will run towards the readily exposed particles of sugar. Therefore washing these particles is more effective than limiting the consumption.

To conclude, it is very important to maintain your oral hygiene by simply following daily cleansing and balancing your diet. Otherwise it will lead to teeth fall, tooth decay, gum diseases and sometimes serious outcomes like cancer.

Source by Farah Hedayat

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