Designer Clothes for Successful Dating: 6 Maxims for Men

Have you ever wondered what to wear on a date? Most of you certainly must have. Maybe you’ve never been on a date? Well, in either case, this little article will save you much unnecessary anxiety and head scratching. We have put together 6 easy-to-follow tips that will help gentlemen discover what kind of outfits yield the best results and whether men’s designer clothes can in fact improve the dating game.

1) Designer clothes or not, it is always best policy, for a date as well as for many other occasions, to dress appropriately for the weather, the time of the day and the situation in general. If a dinner date is taking place at a 3-Michelin-stars restaurant, it would be wise to consider wearing something a bit more formal like a designer suite. However, a horseback riding date calls for something sporty and casual. Some people just can’t resist the urge to wear their best most glamorous designer clothes on the first date even if it’s an ice fishing trip. Don’t be one of them.

2) Wearing something too conspicuous on a date is generally considered ungentlemanly and distasteful because it looks like you’re trying to steal the spotlight away from your lady. This rule is becoming less of an issue seemingly day by day. But it still applies in formal situations, like an evening at the opera or a fancy dinner date in a posh bistro.

3) The most important thing to remember is that one needs to feel totally comfortable and confident on a date. There are plenty of other factors that can easily make a date uncomfortable and awkward so nobody needs extra tension from wearing uncomfortable clothes. Try to avoid wearing completely new items, especially shoes. It might even be best to wear an entire outfit that’s been tested and proven to be a success on the “battlefield”.

4) Particularly fashion-aware ladies tend to appreciate men who wear stylish clothes a bit more. On the other hand, there are always women who consider designer clothes in general and men’s designer clothes in particular pretentious and too showy. Luckily, such women are a minority and even they can secretly appreciate a well-tailored garment made with noble fabrics even if it bares a designer label.

5) Obviously, wearing designer clothes is not always appropriate on a date. But if a date is somewhat formal or involves clubbing and other similar social activities, it is nice to at least incorporate some cool designer items into the outfit. And if it’s only one designer item, then it should probably be the shoes.

6) Lastly, remember that it’s your personality that matters the most, so there is absolutely no reason to put all hopes on glamorous clothes or fancy cars if the personality is lacking. Do not think that wearing designer clothes will change who you are. That’s not the right mindset at all. Just be yourself and try your best. Good luck!

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