Designer Sarees That Are Worth Investing Every Penny

No look is as beautiful and stunning than a saree that is worn and carried properly. If selected properly, a saree can be worn on almost any occasion including weddings, casual parties, festivals, formal parties, and even on dates. There is a saree for almost every occasion; however, numerous factors should be considered while buying it for a particular occasion. For example, avoid wearing silk during summers unless it is an indoor event and the venue is properly air conditioned because the hot properties of silk will make you uncomfortable during the summer heat. On the other hand, it is recommended that you avoid chiffon and net during winters because of the light nature of the cloth.

Once, the weather is kept in mind, it is now time to select various styles from a large variety of fancy designer saree. Mentioned below is a list of varieties that can help you find a suitable look for your upcoming event.

Kanjeevaram Sarees: If you are a saree enthusiast, you should definitely invest in at least one Kanjeevaram saree. These sarees are popular for their temple patterns and can be worn on various occasions. From Bollywood celebrities such as Asin, Vidhya Balan, and Rekha, among others, to popular fashion designers, almost everyone has promoted these beautiful sarees at least once.

Banarasi Sarees: The elegance, rich color, beautiful texture, and fine prints, nothing beat the stunning look that a Banarasi saree can provide. Regardless of whether you are a bride or someone attending a wedding, you can invest in these sarees and have a perfect attire for years. A must-have for every fashionista, this is definitely a great deal.

Bengali Sarees: Regardless of whether you are a Bengali or not, you should definitely wear a Bengali saree in traditional Bengali style at least once in your life. These sarees are stiffly starched, come in different styles and colors, and contain remarkable workmanship. Another great feature of these sarees is that they can be worn at any occasion or any season.

Chanderi sarees: If you want to make this stunning attire a little more sensual, Chanderi sarees are a must have for your wardrobe. There has been a rising trend of these see through sarees and numerous women, especially the younger lot, is investing in these tissue silks.

While buying, a designer saree make sure to find a color that suits the time of the day, your jewelry, and overall look.

Source by Naveen Bhatia

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