Developing a Personal Motto For Success

1. Read religious books. The Bible, Koran Torah, and other religious books are excellent sources of selecting a personal motto for success. These books have proven to be an excellent spiritual and even mental source for anyone who is searching for spiritual answers in times of calamity and trials in life! Religious books are filled with themes such as: faith, love, peace, personal joy, contentment, understanding life’s calamities and over-coming personal negative thoughts.

2. Connect to quotes and affirmations. Books that have quotes and affirmations can be a positive tool to shape our way of thinking. It may be our negative thoughts that are keeping us from going forward or individuals projecting a negative vibe towards us. Whatever it is, once it is negative in nature we should try to read books like Another Thought or other related books that will bring about positive thought processes in our lives.

3. Add positive words to your vocabulary. Every time you speak, let your words and thoughts be positive. Your words as well as your actions are vital elements to this positive experience. Avoid talking down to your peers and don’t encourage anyone to put you down; you can foster negative comments made to you by others simply by you allowing it. The positive words your speak will eventually bear fruits of inner contentment and personal joy!

4. Write your own motto for success. Like the little train who said “I think, I can!” You will truly believe every word you have written. The little train’s words were his personal moto and he believed that he truly can make it! Begin with a simple phrase and slowly add to it. Let it be your personal mantra. LIVE BY IT. Believe in the words you have written and success will be yours.

5. Apply your personal motto to your life. Don’t second guess yourself. The written word and the spoken word are combined to make your life a total success! Life has many paths that are paved with failures, calamities, successes and victories. Your personal motto is your road map to your success in your life. Apply your motto with a sense of understanding life’s paved paths and where you are presently placed. Your written motto should be placed prominently in your home, office, car, etc. Most importantly, place it in your heart and you will achieve everything you desire. Don’t procrastinate act NOW! Begin your personal journey to success today by simply writing your motto.

Anyone can develop their own personal motto for success. This is a personal exercise which usually brings great satisfaction. Your motto should define your personal goals and purpose for life. keep it simple and personal. This a personal endeavor that will bring success, joy and inner contentment.

Source by OC Tross

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