Diabetic and Pre-Diebetic Healthy Alternatives to High Sugar and High Carbohydrate Drinks

You go to the doctor. For whatever reason they need to draw blood. Your doctor says they will get back to you with the results. In about a week’s time you get a call back from the nurse at your doctor’s office saying the doctor needs to see you about your test results. If you are like me you wonder why they couldn’t just tell you what was going on over the phone. You set your appointment. If you cannot go in right away, which usually is the case, you end up spending the next few days or week worrying about what the doctor has to tell you about your blood test results. You run all kinds of diseases that you may have through your head. Eventually you go back to the doctor for your results. She comes in and tells you that you are diabetic or borderline diabetic. As a result you have to change some things in your diet and begin exercising 3 times a week for at least 20 min. She also demands that you lose a certain amount of weight before your next visit.

How many of us have went through that scenario or know someone close to us who has in some shape form or fashion? Naturally you have to cut down on the carbs and the sweets. You start looking for other alternatives because you realize that the things you drink are a high source of your sugar and carbohydrate intake. Maybe you drank a lot of soda, Kool-Aid, and iced tea. All of these drinks are high in sugar and carbs. You begin to try alternatives like diet soda. However these drinks just don’t taste good to you. You wish there was a drink that actually taste like soda but doesn’t have the sugar and carbs. This seems impossible, but you keep searching and asking around. Finally you stumble upon an article that discusses a healthy alternative drink that won’t cause your a1c level to rise.

This particular drink is actually an energy drink that has many flavors, and actually taste like any flavor of soda you have tasted. There is even a peach tea flavor that taste like iced tea. Not only can you drink something that taste good, but if you have a lack energy this particular drink is a high source of b12 vitamins at 4900%. Personally I was very happy when I found this healthy alternative that would not give me high blood sugar. It actually has 0 sugars, 0 carbs, and only 8 calories for those of us who count them like we should. I hope this gives those of you hope who thought you would have to drink water, and nasty diet soda for the rest of your lives. You can actually still enjoy tasty drinks when you are diabetic or pre-diabetic.

Source by Justin R Douglas

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