Different Types Of Pants To Wear To Work

Most offices do not allow women to wear anything apart from formal wear, which means they get to wear only formal pants coupled with striped or solid-colored shirts. Office life can get boring wearing the same old trousers every day, but there is a lot more you can do even within the limitations of formal office pants. You can consider cigarette pants, better known as pencil pants or slim-fit pants in a couple of regions across the globe.

Cigarette-cut pants are one of the most popular outfits when it comes to formal pants for women. Their popularity is owing to the fact that they are pretty loose and comfortable. Nobody would like to end their day at work with some bad bruises on their skin, and still thank their pair of ill-fitting trousers. But again, comfort provided by outfits depend more on the fabric it is made of than the shape.

Pencil pants make you feel feminine at the work place. They highlight the shape of your legs without being too harsh on your skin. Even offices, which are very strict about their dress-codes, will not prevent you from wearing slim-fit pants. They are stylish and elegant at the same time. However, if your office is more on the liberal side, then you can go for skin-fit formal pants. As the name suggests, these pants act like a second skin and are perfect for flaunting long legs.

If you are planning to get yourself a pair of sexy formal pants, then make sure that the fabric is thick. Lycra material is a strict no-no for slim-fit pants because they can result in awkward lines along the groin area. Besides, Lycra sticks to the skin and prevents you from getting a perfect fit.

Another option available is boot-cut pants. You may consider it old-fashioned and shrug it off but think again. Boot-cut pants from the ’60s are making a great comeback and before too long, you may become the trend-setter at your work-place!

If you are not much of a fashion-conscious person, then you would prefer something classic, which is comfortable at the same time. In that case, carpenter pants would be an ultimate option. They are usually made of cotton and give you a fresh lease of life during the summers with a loose and flexible fit. The best part about these pants is that they allow you to move around easily. They also come with plenty of pockets and are quite functional. There are some variations of carpenter pants that come with wide waists and you can easily accommodate the space with a tool belt.

Now that you know about the various kinds and types of formal pants you can wear to work, go and indulge yourself in some serious retail therapy!

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