Dilvac Dewar Flasks – Their Features and Uses As Cryogenic Containers

Dilvac Dewar vacuum flasks are recognised as the optimum container for laboratory applications. These flasks are available in a range of three differing flask types. However, all of the flasks utilise the unique and innovative borosilicate glass inner refill.

The three styles of flasks all suit different, individual and industry requirements. Each type of flask is coated in a different, durable material – plastic, stove enamelled steel and stainless steel. All styles of flasks and their variants have numerous capacities and are specifically designed for use with liquid gases. There are 22 models of flask in total which each exhibit their own individual features.

Typically, the Dilvac Dewar flask is made of the highest quality stainless steel which is hygienic, doesn’t rust and cannot be corroded by its contents. The stainless steel lid helps to insulate the unit and is water tight for safe containment and transportation.

Some glass dewar’s are available specifically with a wide mouth. These are placed within stainless steel containers. Both the universal style of flask and the wide mouth dewar’s can be used to carry liquid nitrogen or boiling water.

The other alternative is the lower priced blue enamelled steel dewar’s. These are general use, multi purpose flasks that are available in 12 sizes. Again, these flasks are rust resistant and models are available with carrying handles which fold down, have cushioned bases and water tight, insulated lids.

For the really low cost option, the Dilvac 900 series is preferable. The 900 series is a greatly efficient series of flasks that are coated in plastic but have the same borosilicate inner vessel. These flasks are extremely durable and therefore safe to use with liquid gases. The 990 series allows for easy glass refill replacement and is well insulated.

All of the Dilvac dewar’s have glass refills that can be replaced and the rubber seals around the rim of the flasks can also be easily replaced. In keeping with the rest of the range, there is also a Dilvac Dry ice maker available which can be used in conjunction with the flasks.

Dilvac flasks are leading cryogenic containers in the laboratory industry. They retail at prices from approximately £78 to £355 and can be purchased with or without a lid.

Dilvac Dewar flasks can be purchased online where guidance can also be offered on which is the correct Dilvac Dewar flask for your purpose. Dilvac flasks will always arrive with the customer ready for use.

Source by Christina Kennedy

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