Discover the Passion of… Red High Heels

“Whoa!” Chris said, after pulling himself together. At a party during the holidays I had just mentioned to Chris that my husband had given me a pair of Red High Heels for Christmas. “Heather,” he called to his wife, “we’re going shopping for shoes.”

Red High Heels. What is it about them that can reduce powerful, intelligent men to speechless Neanderthals? As we all know, men are what they are. But even women are affected by Red High Heels. My husband told Patricia, a co-worker, about the Red High Heels. Her comment, “Wow! That’s hot. Tell me more.”

Red High Heels can bring a touch of adventure, a punch of pizzazz or a hint or romance to our style. Whether you’re like me and love Red High Heels or are just looking to shake things up a little, nothing can make you feel quite as happy as the perfect pair of Red High Heels.

Wearing Red High Heels gives women self-confidence and will help us overcome our inhibitions as well as helping us to be seductive and alluring. There is something glamorous about Red High Heels that can transform our lives. Red is the sexy color – as in red hot. Red High Heels have magical powers.

In an interview outside Manolo Blahniks in New York, businessmen were asked their opinion of Red High Heels. “I think women who wear them must have a tremendous amount of authority,” offered guy #1, “I’m less inclined to believe that a woman in a heel is passive.” Guy #2 was more specific, “I think that somehow heels give a woman identity.” How about that? Stunning revelations from two normal guys.

Is there any romance associated with sneakers, comfy flats or practical shoes? Hardly. For me, a well-crafted Red High Heel is one of those objects like a champagne glass – its mere presence holds the promise of magic. High heels, like champagne flutes, connote the best in life. Seduction. Dancing. Celebration. When you hear Jimmy Choos or Manolo Blanik you don’t think of sneakers. You think HOT shoes.

Women love Red High Heels because they make our legs look longer and more shapely. They add more curve to our rear ends and make our breasts more pronounced, and they get us lots of attention from both sexes

Men love Red High Heels because they make our legs look fantastic. They represent both power and frailty at the same time, and the bad girl/fashion model look is always good.

Let’s really be honest here. Red High Heels are about sex. They are erotic and feminine and extravagant without being vulgar. They represent haughty independence. You can kill a man (figuratively speaking of course) with the right pair of Red High Heels – spikes go straight to the brain. Even the word “stiletto” sounds sexy.

Red High Heels are not the most practical invention every created. So why do we wear them? Simple, they make us sexier. They bring us confidence in our own sexuality.

Due to the forced sensual shape of the foot when wearing a Red High Heel (studies have shown that the shape of a women’s foot in a high heel more than resembles the shape of her leg and foot during sexual arousal), such shoes hold an appealing place in the mind of the female wearer.

And probably more so in the mind of the male admirer.

When other women look at my feet in Red High Heels, they ask such things as “But Tammy what about knee pain, back problems, chronic foot pain? UH… What about the extra 4 inches that allows me to look down on the world? What about the fact that Red High Heels make my husband frisky? What’s a little spinal degeneration compared to getting lucky with the man I love?

Whatever it is, get yourself a pair of Red High Heels, when you find a pair that makes you blush, you’ve found the right ones. Put them on and look in the mirror, and if the shoe fits…

Source by Larry Gibson

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