Discussion Thread: House of Representatives Debates and Votes on Articles of Impeachment – 12/18/2019

Today the full House of Representatives will debate and vote on the articles of impeachment against President Donald J. Trump.

On Tuesday the House Rules Committee announced the parameters of today’s impeachment debate.

The Rules Committee approved six hours of debate on the House floor, which will be divided equally by Democrats and Republicans and will be led by the House Judiciary Committee leaders. The House will also have one hour of debate before taking the procedural vote to approve the rule governing the debate.

The House will then vote on the two articles of impeachment on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. No amendments will be allowed. Finally, The House Rules Committee has allowed for the House to approve a resolution naming impeachment managers after the articles of impeachment have been passed.

If Trump is impeached, the process will then move to the Senate, where a trial will be held to determine whether Trump is guilty of the charges outlined in the Articles of Impeachment.

Today’s House session is scheduled to begin at 9:00am EST. You can watch live online on:

You can also listen online via:

Go to C-SPAN’s Impeachment Page to see current whip count for Articles of Impeachment.

A brief archive of Impeachment related primary documents and reports

Calls and Reports

House Proceedings

More to come…

Discussion Thread Part I

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