Do Pret Wear Islamic Clothes Exist?

Ready to wear and Pret-a-Porter are terms that refer to clothing articles that are manufactured in factories and then sold at stores in certain standardized sizes. More commonly they are referred to as “Off the rack” clothes, and are available to the common public in numerous retail stores. Designer Pret wear refers mostly to clothing lines manufactured by certain fashion houses that are ready to wear without any major alterations. Some designers though only release a limited quantity of their Pret-a-Porter, so as to keep their designs exclusive.

Islamic clothes are also now available in ready to wear lines by numerous famous designers. They create an Islamic clothes line with certain patterns and cuts and launch them in very limited quantities at either their own brand stores or certain exclusive boutiques featuring a few prominent designers. These Islamic clothes offer the customers the convenience and ease of buying and wearing unique abayas, jilbabs and hijabs. Department store brands on the other hand mass produce thousands of “off the rack” clothing articles that are placed in all their branches in order to cater to people all over that particular region.

The Islamic clothes fashion weeks held in recent years were the prime platform for the vast majority of designers to present their latest pret wear in addition to their haute couture. Spring and summer lines are normally launched in early in the year around February or early March, whereas fall and winter collections are introduced in September so that the clients can be prepared with their wardrobes for the upcoming seasons. The ready to wear Islamic clothes lines that are exhibited at fashion weeks however do not consist of the entire collection that the designer later delivers to the store. These shows provide more of a sneak peak of the upcoming lines, and leaving the customers in anticipation and excitement over the upcoming outfits.

Like all other pret wear available globally, Islamic clothes ready to wear lines have made life quite easy. There are higher end as well as lower end ranges available, allowing the buyer to select an outfit based on their dressing needs and budgets. The retail stores are more in line with offering low to medium budget clothes as opposed to the boutiques and designer brand stores, which carry more expensive and higher end products. So depending on your own social circumstances, one can pick and choose the type of store that they visit to fulfill their clothing needs.

Source by Sohail Khan

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