Do You Know What Mobile Blogging Is?

A moblog or a mobile blog is nothing, but creation of blogs on the Internet through your mobile. It is sharing of content with your friends from your mobile to the web. The content can be anything like text, photos or video. You might ask how mobile blogging is possible? It is quite easy and common these days among the people. Have you seen people taking pictures on the mobile through their mobile camera and transferring it to the web? Yes! That is what I am talking about.

This is just one of the ways mobile blogging can be done. Other ways are sending pictures through MMS to your blog or email it through the mobile. You can also post normal text message (SMS's) from your mobile to your blog. This medium of blogging is considered to be very fast for keeping oneself updated with frequent changes happening around.

You might ask what is the difference between regular blogging and moblog? The difference in moblog lies in sending text or pictures through your mobile or pocket PC.

Japan was one of the first few countries in the world to develop Moblogs. Though it has been a decade since this technology was launched in the global market, Mobile blogging is still in its initial stages of development today.

Usage of Moblogs in present scenario

Currently, moblogging is growing at a rapid pace worldwide. Hiptop Nation was the first mobile blogging system widely in use. Presently there are a number of moblogging tools available in the market such as Foneblog, Blogplanet, Kablog and Twitter to name some which offer free services to allow users to send images or text messages in group to their friends through phones or online. MSN too has considerable presence in the moblogging space. As a result, the number of people subscribing to moblog sites such as Text America, Flickr, Earthcam, Winksite and many more are on the rise.

Google has also been in the picture offlate to enter the moblogging arena. It has recently announced a partnership with LG Electronics where LG phones will feature one click access to Google search service including moblogging. Google has also tied up with other mobile phone bigwigs such as Samsung, Motorola and Sony Ericsson to offer similar blog services.

Moblogging has not really picked up in India mainly because of 3 reasons:

1. Low Bandwidth Problem.

2. Costly GPRS connections.

3. Handset cost

Recently mobile handset giant Nokia has come up with a new application called Nokia M-blog that allows its N-series users to post pictures directly to the M-blog and invite friends to view directly from the multimedia device.

Reliance Communications has also introduced mobile blogging service "Mblog" for its subscribers in partnership with IMImobile in October 2006.

Concluding note

The combination of mobile and blogging that moblog provides today, certainly places mobloggers on the cutting edge of communication technology, and in the coming years this moblogging technology will certainly take the market by storm.

Source by Hari Qumar

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