Do You Kooba?

No Kooba is not the latest diet trend from South Beach Florida, but rather the Mother and Daughter design team Bonnie and Abbe Held who started in 1998. The team creates purses, leather hand bags and accessories borrowing on traditional styles and adding their own sense of modern whimsy with detail and materials for a one of a kind modern look.

The Kooba fame comes from when first introduced the major fashion houses used them in their run way modeling shows as accessories, flexible to be worn with any outfit, up to date with today’ fashion and price conciseness kept pushing the appeal. They also offer limited styles, affordable prices, limited colors and materials for their designs. Making each model you own a collectable item. This fuels the Kooba brand as one of the top three Designer handbag manufactures in the US competing with the European’s like Channel, Gucci, Louis Vutton, or Prada.

The latest buzz in Hollywood is Kooba while its so hot it has even caught on in with today’s young chic being photo-graphed with their very own Kooba bags… stars like Eva, Rhiana, Sienna, Molly Sims just to name a few. You see all of young Hollywood on the cover of all those trendy fashion magazines clutching their purse or their bags or perhaps slung over there shoulder Koobaing all over the place.

Now it’s gotten so big that there are blogs devoted to purses whose specialty is Kooba.

You can use these sites to check the legitimacy of your purse, ask about reputable vendors and even check pricing.

One of the main questions is what is your favorite Kooba?

Where can I get my Kooba?

Is this a real Kooba?

Like any current trend Kooba designs new styles, limited releases, no back-order on older styles policy, and the use of new materials keeping the craze moving forward and it making it so very collectible.

So next time your girlfriend, wife or female companion ask Do you Kooba?

What will your response be?

Source by Francisco Rodriguez

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