Do You Possess These Home Business Qualifications?

Before you run out and start a home business you will want to look inside of yourself and ask a few questions. Are you qualified personally, financially, and time wise, to get started, Here are things to look at before you start a home business.

1. Are you self motivated? Needing or wanting more money is not enough to start a home business. Those might help motivate you, but some people would be better off getting a second job. That would give them more money. Self motivation usually goes beyond money and you have to enjoy what you are doing to make it work.

2. Do you understand how to write down goals and read them everyday? This is so simple yet 95% of the people starting will not do this on a daily basis. Your goals should be..

– How much time you will work on your business.

– How much money can you invest to get started.

– How much money do you want to earn.

– Daily goals like number of phone calls you will make, how many articles will you write online and so on.

3. Are you brave enough to do it? Some people can not get out of their comfort zone and will never be able to start a home business until they change this attitude.

4. What are you going to sell? Every home business needs a product. Can you afford the product personally. On the Internet for example you do not have the benefit of things like eye to eye contact to sell. So you have to pre-sell and that means from a personal point of view. Buy your products, and then tell about them to help sell them.

5. How will you market your home business? Depending on what you do you will probably end up using the Internet and that means learning new things about advertising and promotion.

Most businesses fail online because they can not get enough quality traffic to their website. We are not talking about spamming people with email or buying 10,000 hits for $10. Quality traffic takes work everyday and some people are not qualified to get it. Again are you willing to invest time to learn how to do this!

These are several qualifications every home business owner must possess. If you are willing to invest time and money then you can learn and earn. That is up to you.

Source by Tom McMullen

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