Do You Still Need Ice In Winter?

During the winter months many people turn to the warmer comfort drinks such as hot chocolate, coffee and tea. However, not everyone is against the cold weather. There are many people who prefer winter over summer because they enjoy the cold much more than the heat.

People who enjoy the cold weather that the winter months bring, still enjoy their favourite drinks no matter which season it may be. If you have a favourite drink that requires ice, you will not forego the ice simply because it is winter. Your preferences still remain the same. While at a braai or a party, guests tend to circle around a fire with a drink and socialise with each other. Such cold winter evenings around a fire is an enjoyable pass time for many people. The fire creates an atmosphere of comradery and closeness. A lot of fun conversation takes place around a fire.

Other people prefer to go out to a social restaurant or a bar instead of staying at home. During winter they tend to select places that are warm and have a wonderful ambience. So if you are a restaurant or bar owner you should consider adding a few heaters to keep the place warm. Although it might be winter, don’t scale down on the popular drinks. Certain alcoholic drinks, cool drinks and juices will still be enjoyed by many people. When eating a burger or a meal, most people will pair it with a cold drink. That means you will need ice. Ensure that your ice machine has been serviced and that it is ready for the ongoing demand. If you don’t have an ice machine, consider installing one in your commercial kitchen because this is one piece of catering equipment that you will use all year round.

Think about it this way, when you had dinner yesterday did you pour yourself a cold drink or did you have it with coffee? Most people would have had a cold drink with their dinner meal because it is more refreshing.

Furthermore, our thirst and craving for water does not pause during the winter months. We still need to keep our bodies hydrated although it’s cold. And there is nothing more refreshing than a glass of water with ice. For those customers you will require a lot of ice so make sure that the ice machine is switched on and ready to serve.

Source by Stana Peete

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