Do You Trust Your Sponsor? Why Upline Support is Important in Network Marketing

Your sponsor can be a key ingredient to your success in network marketing; especially in the beginning. When you are new and fresh you need guidance and usually this guidance comes from your upline, most likely your direct sponsor. If your upline neglects you, it can be very frustrating and discouraging. It may make you feel like you are all alone in this business and you have just been conned out of the 'X' amount of dollars you spent to buy into the opportunity.

There are ways to prevent this from happening. Before you join their business check and see if they have a blog that they contribute too. If they have a blog that they contribute to on a regular basis, it means they care enough to have an outlet for sharing information with their team. Opt in to their email list and see what kind of emails they send to you. Are they genuine emails that show value in the information they present to you? Or are they always trying to pitch you every chance they get. There is nothing wrong with a sponsor pitching his leads, but they should also show value by sharing free information about how to become successful online. Whether it's marketing tips to motivational quotes, these are they types of things that show they care about making you a success. You should also make sure they return your calls and emails. Some sponsor's downlines are so large that they receive to many calls and emails to get back to immediately, so allow some time. I'd say give it 1-3 days for a response, because receiving over 1400 emails a day can be very difficult to respond to.

It's important to note that you should get a feel for their personality and attitude. Do they listen to your questions, do they address your questions, or are they rude and ignorant? People will always have a good ability to sense whether someone is a leader or not. You can always sense whether someone is faking the success or not. It is always something that comes out naturally as opposed to it being forced and faked. This is the keen intuition all of us have that you need to pay attention to when you are investigating your sponsor. Because the last thing anyone wants is to be thrown in the water without being taught how to swim. I have been in many sink or swim situations, and even though I got through them, it was not easy in the beginning.

Source by John Ifejika

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