Do You Wear a Tuxedo? Keep It Cleaned and Maintained

A tuxedo can make a man’s personality classic and elegant. If you are the one who owns one, then you have definitely spent hefty money on a tuxedo to look the most handsome man in the crowd. You might have bought it for wearing at some business party or in a New Year party. Well, the party is over. What have you decided for your perfect and most expensive dress? Is it hanging in your closet or putting inside a box? You need to dry clean your tux on time and need to maintain it in proper way to make it last forever.

How to keep it New for Long?

No matter what type of tuxedo you own, it should be maintained in best way- if you never want to ruin this stylish dress after a few months or years. Let’s consider a few tips for good maintenance:

Never Hang the Suit in Steam

There is misconception about steaming the dresses. However, it is always suggested due to its handful of benefits, such as it kills the bacteria and adds moisture to the yarn. But, it also damages the stuff and the construction of tuxedo.

Never Button the Suit & Keep the Pant Unzipped

When you hand or store the suit, then always keep the pant unzipped and suit unbuttoned. It prevent the tuxedo from getting the wrinkles and any other damages to the suit. Well, you can brush the tuxedo after wearing to remove the dirt particles from the suit.

Never Scrub or Wipe any Stains

This is the most elegant dress of a man and hence, wears occasionally in some parties. So, the chance of spilling and splashing the food, champagne and other beverages are high. Don’t try to wipe or scrub them, it can cause scuffing.

Store it in Right Way

Always store your tuxedo on a wooden hanger of the right size. The original hanger made for your tuxedo is perfect to keep it away from any wrinkles. To keep the smell and dirt away, air out the suit and keep it covered with a cloth.

Clean the Tux gently & professionally before you Store

You have worn your tuxedo definitely for a few hours, but it doesn’t mean you can keep it in your closet and wear next year without cleaning it. Brushing is not enough, it has stains and odor of beverages and foods that need to be dry clean.

You also have the option to choose either complete cleaning or spot cleaning, as per your requirement. Only quality dry cleaners can offer you both cleaning options to choose from, as per your comfort. However, you should select a dry cleaner very carefully, conducting all necessary research on its service quality. After all, it’s your tuxedo- the most expensive suit in your closet. And, a good dry cleaner will not be using strong chemicals. Gentle dry cleaning and hand press are recommended for the safety of fabric and shine.

Source by Kamna Chasta

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