Does Zumba Work?

Does Zumba work seems to be a very common question around the Internet.

With the growing popularity of this aerobic dance workout this is not uncommon. The reality is that doing any type of aerobic exercise class at a gym or in the convenience of your home — alone — will not help you in shedding pounds and inches.

Effective weight loss must be a combination of aerobic or cardio vascular exercise and the correct nutritional program. In addition, incorporating resistance training into your workout can quickly increase the results you achieve in reshaping your body.

However, to answer the question “Does Zumba Work?” The answer is an outstanding — YES!

Here are a few tips to help you get the maximum results and perhaps you too will achieve your goals and become one of the many Zumba success stories.

1. To really make a difference in your body you must perform a dance workout class a minimum of 3 to 4 times per week.

2. Consider swapping your morning beverage to a nice cold or hot green tea. Green tea has been documented to aid you in fat burning and gives you a boost in your metabolism.

3. Become a label reader. Don’t buy anything before you have read the labels. Determine how much fat, carbohydrates and sodium each food item has before you purchase it.

4. Become a packrat. One way to lose weight and prevent feeling starved while at work is to pack your own lunch and include some healthy snacks that will keep you away from that dreaded candy machine.

Consequently, does Zumba work? If you will faithfully perform a minimum of 3 to 4 workouts per week and incorporate these four tips into your lifestyle — your success is a foregone conclusion!

Source by Robert Deangelo

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