Don Lemon Coolly Obliterates Obama Stalker Trump

CNN’s Don Lemon coolly challenged Trump for his infinite obsession with former President Barack Obama by asking why Obama is below his pores and skin?

Lemon stated, “What’s it about President Obama that actually will get below your pores and skin? Is it as a result of he’s smarter than you? Higher educated? Made it on his personal. Didn’t want daddy’s assist. Spouse is extra completed. Higher trying? I don’t know. What’s it? What’s it about him? That he’s a black who’s completed, grew to become president? That he punked you on the entire start certificates factor? What’s it about him? Simply questioning.”


All of the above is an effective reply. Trump can’t stand anybody who possesses traits that he lacks. Obama is clever. He was good at being president. Obama is sincere, a superb communicator, and a superb household man and position mannequin.

These are all traits that Trump lacks. Trump is jealous of Obama’s recognition and fame.

Trump thought that occupying the bodily house of the presidency would elevate him and pressure the world to take him significantly. The presidency has stripped Trump naked and positioned a highlight on his inadequacy for your entire world to see.

Donald Trump is obsessive about Obama as a result of it doesn’t matter what he does, he won’t ever measure as much as the nation’s 44th president in any manner.

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