Draped Homecoming Dresses

Homecoming is an event for a young woman to be noticed and to make a statement with her dress. Showing off is the fun aspect of choosing a dress, but the process of choosing the dress is important. The hairstyle, makeup, and jewelry all serve to complement the dress one is wearing, but the chosen dress should make a bold statement. For this season, the reappearance of layered and draped dresses has been reappearing on runways all over the world. The whimsical appearance of this style of dress has the ability to create the illusion of curves where none exist, and it can also present a more slim and sleek appearance to a young woman’s physique. For those with athletic or slender body types, this can be an ideal choice of dress.

Layered and draped dresses are created from amazing combinations of feathering. Ruffles, twists, and cinching can create eye catching texture in a dress. Furthermore, these dresses are created in a wide variety of colors. For a dress that has Grecian draping, a soft color palette of blues, pinks, yellows, or off white is generally chosen. These light colors complement the airy appearance of the dress. Because these dresses create an air of femininity, an individual’s accessories, like her hair or her shoes, should be kept soft and delicate. The dress may be accessorize with simple jewelry or it may be left bear in order to emphasize its simplicity.

If a person wants to choose a dress with a bit more “edge” to it, then she may choose a semi haltered strapped dress. Its layered, wrapped around appearance features a bust hugging cut. The hemline of the dress may range from one’s ankles to the middle of one’s thighs. However, it can create the illusion of a bust where one does not exist or it can enhance what is already there. Draped tunic dresses can also be adept at flattering a plethora of figures. These dresses are somewhat difficult to put on, but their flirty, breezy style can draw positive attention to the wearer. Regardless of the type of layered or draped homecoming dress that a person chooses, her accessories should be kept to a minimum. For example, in terms of shoes, she may wish to choose a delicate, strappy sandal. While everyone else is aiming for the bright jewel tones and traditional cuts for homecoming dresses this season, let a layered or draped homecoming dress stand out in the crowd.

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