DWG KIA vs. Cloud9 / MSI 2021 – Rumble Stage / Submit-Match Dialogue

MSI 2021

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DWG KIA 1-0 Cloud9

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MATCH 1: DK vs. C9

Winner: DWG KIA in 34m
Match History

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
DKthresh renekton lee sinorianna nocturne60.6k137H2 O7 O8 B9
C9gnar varus nautilusviktor jayce57.3k105I1 C3 H4 O5 B6
Khan sion 32-3-4TOP0-3-64 karma Fudge
Canyon rumble 24-0-6JNG1-2-61 udyr Blaber
ShowMaker syndra 33-1-6MID5-4-03 lucian Perkz
Ghost senna 14-1-8BOT0-1-81 ashe Zven
BeryL tahmkench 20-5-7SUP4-3-62 lulu Vulcan

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