Earth Anchors – Things To Know Before Puchasing Earth Anchors

Anchors have traditionally been associated with the shipping industry but this has gradually changed as more industries embrace the ergonomically designed appliance in their operations. Earth anchors are now a ubiquitous feature not only in large construction projects or industries but also for home use. These are simply devices that assist project managers to hold things in the required positions and to resist any pressure by holding firmly into the soil foundation. There are many types of earth anchor designs and materials used but over the years, high-end steel anchors have always received positive reviews for various reasons.

Common Types of Earth Anchors

There are also many designs of anchors used today in different industries. One common type is penetrator anchors which resemble screws and are reusable for different projects. They are driven into the soil structure using an impact wrench or drill as situations dictate. The other type you will get in the market is the arrowhead which is also driven into the ground using a drive rod and a hammer.

This system of an arrowhead works by pulling on a cable tied on the arrowhead in the ground to secure it firmly and thus provide grip for the soil application you want to hold in position. Helix earth anchors which resemble an auger are also used in smaller projects or households and they can either be screwed into the soil or driven down using power equipments.

However, among all these safety anchors, none rivals the highly acclaimed bitewing anchor; combination of the ordinary wing anchor and a teeth structure.

More grip. Unlike the traditional smooth arrowhead anchors, the bitewing provides a firmer grip due to the teeth structure on its steel wings which dig and cut into the rock structure.

Safety. Anchoring is always an accident prone activity because a lot of pressure is involved in holding construction projects or any other items in place. When you use smooth edge arrow wings, there is a likelihood that the strain might overcome the anchor and such a situation could prove disastrous especially in large projects. The wings have a large surface area to avoid such a situation.

Durability. Most earth anchors are intended to stay for a long time below the surface and hence, the materials used should be resistant to any elements. Bitewings are made from high end steel which is weather resistant thus increasing the life of your anchoring.

Shopping for Earth Anchors

One thing to consider when buying earth anchors is the reputation of the company supplying these products and accessories. You should always buy from an established anchoring company with experience in using steel work and with a good reputation regarding its products. Moreover, compare different designs offered by the company and the soil type that each will work best in. It is also important to ask if the company can customize their products to fit any unique needs you might have. Finally, remember your working conditions will depend on these earth anchors and thus you should buy from a company that offers guarantees on its products. This is a sign of the trust the company has in their workmanship.

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