Easy and Simple Baby Shower Drink Ideas – Wine or Not?

Hosting a baby shower comes with a lot of planning and a lot of decision making. From the invitations to the decorations, there are a lot of little things that have to be thought about, and the drinks are no different. Every baby shower must have drinks, but what exactly should you serve? Below are some fun baby shower drink ideas that will have your guests talking (and drinking!)

Quick and Easy Baby Shower Drinks

There are of course the staples of every hosting event – iced tea, lemonade, water and coffee. If you decide just to serve those 4 drinks, then you’re set. There is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping it simple and easy. Between those 4 drinks, guests have plenty of choices and the chances are high that you will make everyone happy with at least one of the selections. Having a variety of drinks is a must – it ensures there will be something for everyone.

Things to remember:

  • plenty of ice
  • a way to keep the coffee warm
  • cream and sugar for the coffee and iced tea
  • sliced lemons

You can dress the drinks up anyway you wish by adding garnishments (add sugar and spice, and everything nice!) If you chose to get water bottles, you can personalize them with cute decorations. Dress up the serving pitchers and table with tulle fabric, or fancy straws or cups. It will add a nice punch of color.

Another simple and easy drink idea for a shower is wine. Yes, wine. I’m very aware that it is a baby shower and some may think it is inappropriate to serve alcohol at a function that is specifically geared towards celebrating with a woman who can not consume alcohol. However, wine has been a staple for celebrations for many years, and woman view the drink as just that. It’s a celebratory beverage, and it is completely acceptable to serve it at a shower.

While serving wine at a baby shower is acceptable, it may not be feasible financially. If you need to keep the pennies pinched while hosting the shower, just skip the wine.

Baby Shower Drink Ideas With a Twist

Cucumber water – I love this drink because not only does it taste good, it’s filled with antioxidants and it’s good for you. Adding the cucumber to water gives the water a refreshing taste, and it looks really cool in the pitcher. Just slice up a cucumber and add some slices to an ice filled water pitcher. Voila!

Lemon water– Just like the cucumber water, lemon water adds a little flavor and… you guessed it… it’s good for you. Adding lemon to a pitcher of water steps up the look of the drink. It brings average to elegant. Adding anything to water does for that matter.

Punch – You can spike it or leave it as is. If you have children attending the shower, make sure they will not confuse the spiked punch for drinkable punch. If you are at all concerned there may be an accident, do not spike it. Punch is a great idea for drinks because it adds color to the drink table. If it’s a boy baby shower, make a blue punch and if it’s a girl shower, make a pink punch!

Other Tips and Ideas for Baby Shower Drinks

What you serve isn’t really as important as how it’s served. When you decide on the drink menu, think of other ideas on how you can display it. Decorating the drink table can have a huge effect on the overall theme of the shower. Find cute cups, or decorate them, add confetti around the serving bowls, etc. Using personalized mason jars for your guests to drink from can be used as baby shower favors also.

Whether you buy fancy expensive cups for the occasion, use cups you already have on hand, or buy plastic cups, make sure you have enough on to provide for all of your guests. If you’re serving wine, you can buy the plastic wine glasses at a party store for relatively cheap.

Source by Jennifer Kelly

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