Eat Real Food For Proper Nutrition – Permanent Solutions to a Healthy Lifestyle – Part I

If you want a vibrant and healthy life, you must first choose to be healthy. However, it doesn’t stop there. You must also back up your decision with dedication and effort if you are truly serious about achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While weight control is an important component to overall good health, it is by no means the only component. To see the big picture, we need a paradigm shift regarding our views of nutrition.

Proper nutrition is a key ingredient in not only attaining your weight loss goals, but also for achieving and sustaining a lifestyle characterized by good health. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “you are what you eat” and perhaps you, like most people, either ignored, trivialized, or simply didn’t understand the full impact of the truth of this saying. For you see, in order for you to stay alive and healthy, your body needs good nutrition and that nutrition is found in healthy, natural foods.

Without a doubt, food is indispensable for the following reasons: it supplies necessary power to your body, it also brings vital elements your body needs to restore and construct tissues, and food contains essential properties, which control your body’s daily functions. If you don’t believe this, try going weeks without eating and see how long you survive.

We define nutrients as naturally occurring components present in food, which performs one or more of the processes mentioned above. Nutrients are comprised of seven fundamental categories known as carbohydrates, fats, fiber, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and water. It may be a surprise to many of you to discover that water is a nutrient.

Well indeed it is, and in up coming articles you will learn just how powerful and vital a nutrient water really is, so stay tuned! We will also examine the importance of each group that make up nutrients and what are the best foods that naturally contain all the nutrients you need to become healthy for a lifetime. Wishing you all the best for optimum health!

Source by Timmy I Nelson

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