Eating Whole Grain Pasta for the Prozac for Cellulite

Cellulite is that mythical subject that next to impossible to understand. Plenty of proclaimed experts, spread the propaganda that it’s toxic pockets of fat, trapped beneath the surface of the skin.


If it’s toxic, you’d be ill. It’s nothing more than fat, and that can be two types.

  1. Bad fat
  2. Good fat

For pasta, you have two different types, and those tie together with the two fats above

  1. Refined (White pasta)
  2. Non-refined (Whole grain pasta)

White pasta is the one where it’s nowhere near a healthy food. Because it’s processed, it’s missing vital nourishment components your body needs to function properly for a healthy body. It does not contain fiber, and only consists of simple sugars.

Chances are, when you eat a dish of white pasta, and your mouth is watering for more, you’ll reach for a second serving. That’s because it lacks in fiber. Fiber is what helps you feel satisfied, full, and know when to say enough is enough, and put the plate down.

Whole grain pasta on the other hand is in a completely different league. This is an unprocessed food, which means it has all the nutrition that’s otherwise lost during the processing.

It’s a food that’s chocked full of complex carbohydrates.

In other wordsMood Food.

That’s because they increase serotonin production in the brain. It regulates your sleep cycle, mood, the amount of food you consume, and controls your pain tolerance, so if you’re finding exercise strenuous on the muscles, then whole grain pasta is the food for you.

As for the nutritional value packed into whole grain pasta…

  • Natural bran
  • Germ
  • Fiber
  • Vitamins
  • And minerals

All the above nutrients are kept intact, and won’t be found in white pasta. So if you’re on a diet that’s strictly no pasta, it’s probably time to ditch it. It’s just a case of knowing the right type of pasta to eat.

The main components you’re benefiting from are the bran and germ.

The bran is where you get most of your antioxidants, and vitamin B. Vital components to healthy skin. For the germ, that gives you more Vitamin B, along with, minerals, protein, and healthy fats.

With refined grains, you lose the bran and the germ so you miss out on all the nourishment you need from a healthy diet.

Why whole grain pasta is the healthier choice:

  1. Being a rich source of fiber, it’s one food that will make you feel full for longer
  2. Being high in carbohydrates, you won’t find yourself over indulging either
  3. The high amount of vitamin B – speeds up your body’s metabolism

Due the three factors mentioned above, it’s among the best foods for cellulite you’ll find, and it’ll enrich your health overall.

The recommendation – Of all the grains in your diet, at least half of them should be whole grains.

Source by Robbie Bowman

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