Ed Hardy Dresses – Tattoo Designs and in Your Face Style

When people hear of Ed Hardy, the first thing that they think about is the tattoo. Ed Hardy’s art designs did not start as clothing; his designs started as tattoos, and art that mimicked the style of tattoo. Ed Hardy’s dresses are one of the many lines in Ed Hardy’s clothing empire.

Don Ed Hardy, who received a degree in printmaking, started out as a tattoo artist. After he started, he realized that his tattoo designs could easily double as art. In 2002, Don Ed Hardy was approached by a company who wanted to turn his tattoo art designs into a clothing brand. With that approach, Ed Hardy began his foray into the clothing world.

Ed Hardy’s designs are different and interesting. While his Japanese influenced tattoo art designs are well known, putting them onto clothing bring a new experience. Ed Hardy design is new and interesting; the design is a hard edge that many would compare with a rock type edge. The designs and prints are anything but usual, which is the general theme behind Hardy’s design and line.

The colors of the tattoo art of Ed Hardy’s designs seem to match the general colors of the tattoo art. The colors range from dull to bright; pastel colors will mix and match with bright, vibrant colors to make interesting patterns. The patterns are random; some of the Ed Hardy Dresses will feature large prints, while other Ed Hardy dresses feature multiple, smaller prints. Ed Hardy dresses have a style that is loud and in your face. This loud style is found on all aspects of Ed Hardy clothing; many dresses on the market today are not as loud and “rock” as Ed Hardy dresses.

When people see Ed Hardy dresses, they may not see where they fit in with their own personal style. Ed Hardy dresses are generally not dresses that you would wear to any type of black tie affair; the Ed Hardy dresses are perfect for those who want a day dress, or those who want the perfect dress to go to a bar or a club. The best occasions for Ed Hardy dresses are the occasions that you want to stick out at; the dresses are unique and interesting, and will catch the attention of everyone in the room. If you have a rock type edge, these dresses are perfect.

Don Ed Hardy’s tattoo art inspired designs have had great success in the fashion world. The designs are new and interesting. Ed Hardy dresses are some of the most unique dresses on the market today. If you are looking for a dress that has an interesting design, these are the best dresses to choose. Ed Hardy dresses have a rock edge that is unmatched. If you are not afraid to wear bright colors and bold designs, you will love Ed Hardy dresses.

Source by Cynthia Acerra

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