Edelman Gladiator Sandal – 2010 List of Hot Styles For Women

When it comes to authentic "Roman" looks, no designer can top the Edelman Gladiator Sandal lineup! There are some great styles for women to choose from for 2010 that range from strappy to simple – but all of them gorgeous.

Here is a list of some of the hottest styles for women this year from Sam Edelman:

Damian – This sandal is quite unique, with a thin strappy look, having metal rings and stone embellishments along the vamp. It comes in black, gold and pewter – each with a rather authentic Roman Gladiator appearance. This style is simpler than some others and has a classic and very stylish look.

Daisy – The Daisy Sandal has a lovely sharp geometric design for the vamp, with stones and (incredibly) intricate beading. The straps for this sandal are rather thin, which actually adds to the femininity of the overall look. Triple straps up the ankle top this sandal off quite nicely.

Dawson – The third sandal in this list is unique in itself, the Dawson. It has a more strappy appearance than a number of the other styles, as well as a straight rectangular shape for the vamp. The beading all along the top of the vamp is stunning – truly an elegant choice.

Divine – Here is an interesting and quite unique look – it is a strappy gladiator sandal, but also having leather lacing up the top of the vamp. The lacing serves to not only add some unique looks to this shoe, but also to create a custom fit for the wearer.

All of the styles listed above from the Edelman Women's Gladiator Sandal collection have one more feature that comes in quite handy – a zipper that is stylishly placed on the back of the shoe for easy on and off (a feature that many women love).

There are more sandals to choose from among the Edelman Gladiator Sandal lineup for 2010, as well as some "returning" styles from 2009. The one thing that they all have in common is elegance – with some serious flair.

Source by Tonya Brisnehan

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