Educational Motivational Speakers: What Role Do They Play?

Motivation is a self-drive power, which enables an individual to better their performance. Most people in this world are unable to pursue their life requirements due to various reasons. In most situations, people lose hope and need some extra factor for them to survive.

Failure in life is something common. We all fail at some point in life. However, what matters most is how you face your failure and what attitude you have towards your failure. We have to learn that the best way to handle failure and recover from failure is through motivation and the self-drive an individual has for him or herself.

The fact that you are motivated does not assure you perfection in what you do. What matters most is how you accept the motivation and the effort you put towards having a better performance. Maybe to give you a clear functioning of motivation, you are provided with two situations, which will feature motivation aspect.

The first situation will entail a student who has failed in their studies often. This student feels out of place due to this failure challenge. Luckily and fortunately, a motivator gets to visit this student and gives them a piece of advice assuring them that they can make it. The motivator goes a mile ahead and tells them that they are determined in them and their hopes are in them. By so doing, they are encouraging the student and giving them hope that despite their failure, they still have a room to perform.

Psychological study proves that upon assuring this student, they feel appreciated and loved. These are factors that will challenge the student to enhance positive attitude. The student will take an initiative to study hard and achieve a higher goal. At this point, the student is considered as motivated: both by the motivator’s words and the fact that he/ she feels challenged by their studies.

In comparison to the first student, also consider another student who has the same problem of failure. However, in this case, there will be no motivator to intervene into their failure but will only observe what is happening around them.

This study shows that this category of students will feel left out and not appreciated. As a result, the student will end up losing hope and to some extent caring less about what will happen. Others will just watch where destiny will eventually lead them.

Taking into consideration the two studies, you will realize that motivation is an essential factor in our lives. Motivators play a big role in the society to ensure that they give the society the best motivational services. They want to be part of our life in all aspects to ensure that we succeed in all dimensions of our life.

As they play their role, we are however required that we entail self-determination and self-drive as a society and as individuals. Self-esteem also acts as a substantial drive towards the influence of motivation. Let us help the motivators for them to be able to help us succeed in all our endeavors.

Source by R. Naz

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