Educational Video – Addresses Issues With Using Technology in Education

Implementing technology in education, in the past, was sometimes spurred by a wish to create "teacher proof" instruction. Considered somewhat of a "black box," technology was looked upon as something that could be bestowed on school systems from somewhere above. Recent research makes it abundantly clear that not only was this an unrealistic goal, but also profoundly misguided. To be effective, technology and teachers must work together to provide challenging learning opportunities.

There are many different kinds of technology, from educational video to computers. But, regardless of the medium, tutorial, exploratory, tool, and communications uses of technology must be addressed.

Problems always arise when people try to work outside the "rules" of society and educational uses of technology are no exception. Some of the common issues cropping up around using computer technology can easily be addressed by focusing on "older" technology such as educational video and DVDs. While some may see this technology as outdated, consider the list below.

Issue # 1 – Funding for Educational Technology

In the difficult economy we face today, new-age technology, such as computer technology, continues to increase in cost as education funds wane. Educational video, in contrast, is still fairly inexpensive and provides a re-usable resource.

Issue # 2 – The Digital Divide

Many people believe computer technology is deepening the economic abyss between the "haves" and "have-nots." VCR and DVD technology, on the other hand, is much more affordable and present in more households.

Issue # 3 – Privacy and Safety

The risk of identity theft and the thread of online predators, among other things, means that the online world is simply not a safe playground for our students. Educational video offers no such dangers.

Issue # 4 – Online Plagiarism

Papers and projects found online are easy to copy and plagiarize, a skill we DON'T want our students to learn. You can't copy a paper from a video or DVD.

So, you want to incorporate technology into your classroom without the issues above? Educational videos and DVDs seem to fit the bill.

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Source by Kimberly Stohlman

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