Elizabeth Warren Calls Out Trump For Using Iran Attack As Impeachment Distraction

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren called out Trump for picking this attack on an Iranian top general to distract from impeachment.

Warren said on CNN’s State Of The Union:

I think it is right question to ask. We will get more information as we go forward, but look at the timing on this, and look at what Donald Trump has said afterwards and his administration. They have pointed in multiple directions. There is a reason that he chose this moment, not a month ago and not a month from now, not a less aggressive and less dangerous response. He had a whole range of responses that were presented to he didn’t pick one of the other ones, he picked the most aggressive and the one that moves us closer to war.

So what does everybody talk about today? Are we going to war? Are we going to have another five years, ten years of war in the Middle East and dragged in once again. Are we bringing another generation of young people into war? That is every bit of the conversation right now. Donald Trump has taken an extraordinarily reckless step and we have seen it before, he is using the foreign policy and uses whatever he can to advance the interests of Donald Trump.


Trump’s Twitter account makes it clear that he used the Iran strike to distract from impeachment. The administration has offered constantly changing reasons for the strike that killed Iran’s top general, but no details or evidence to support their claim that it had to happen right now.

Sen. Warren deserves credit for saying what few others have on television. Donald Trump has used foreign policy to distract in the past, and there is no reason to believe that he has not done so again.

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