Energy Drinks – For Those That Need a Quick Fix of Caffeine

Energy drinks are soft drinks normally able to provide energy that can enhance the undertaking of any physical activity that is to be done by the drinker. The drink is made in such away that it activates the drinker’s mental alertness and general performance by including caffeine, herbal supplies and vitamins to it when being brewed. In most cases the drinks include the methylxanthines, vitamin B and herbs. Others have guaran, acai and tuarine including ginseng, nmaltodextrin, carbonated water, inositol and glucuronolactone. But the most common ingredient in a drink is the caffeine which is found in tea and coffee

Relentless drinks

Relentless drinks are brand name for a drink made by the coca cola company. It is just like any other drink only that the manufacturer and few ingredients differ. It is sold in 500 ml cans and is used normally by those in need for high energy demand. The inclusion of caffeine makes it not suitable for small children and expectant mothers or anyone sensitive to caffeine .The drink is made from carbonated water, sugar, citric aid taurine, caffeine, Inossitol, vitamins and guarana including preservatives (E202) acidity regulator (E331)  color (caramel E150d) and flavorings

Bawls drinks

This is a drink that contains natural guarana flavor and other ingredients like the caffeine and is owned by Hobbarama LLC of Miami, Florida. The product lines include the following drinks, Bawls Guarana, Bawls Guarana Exxtra-which is a sugar free version of Bawl Guarana. It is sweetened with sucralose, Bawls cherry-this energy drink is sweetened by high fructose com syrup. The other production lines of Bawl energy drinks include; Bawls G33K B33R. Which is a guarana spiked high- caffeine root beer .Others are Bawls Buzz, Guaran Tea’d and SnoBAWLS, which is a frozen version of Bawls having the same contents and caffeine content.

Monster drinks

This is a drink that is distributed by the Hansen Natural Corporation of Corona California. Monster energy drinks include the following in the list of ingredients, caffeine content is usually 10 mg/oz or 160 mg for a 16 oz can. The other ingredients are carbonated water, sucrose, glucose, taurine, sodium citrate, guarana seed extract, pyridoxine hydrochloride, sucralose, riboflavin, maltodextrim and sodium chloride among others. Although the monster energy drink does not use much of media air time for advertisement it is however, involved in many sports endorsement activities.

The Monster drinks company also endorses the rock bands and other metal bands like the linken park among others. The difference between the other energy drinks and the Monster brand is the level of calories in the three above mentioned energy drinks differ due to the different manufacturers, for instance the Coca cola has its energy level at 34.5 mg and an 8 oz intake of Relentless energy drink has between 60-120 mg of caffeine. The Monster brand has 160 mg of caffeine while the Bawl contains 64 mg of caffeine and a 16 oz can is capable of having 103 mg of caffeine.

Source by Adrian Kinley

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