Erect Penis Fashion: Dressing the Member for a Fun Date

Going on a date is a very pleasurable experience, especially when the evening includes some play time for the man’s erect penis. When a couple has been in a relationship for an extended period of time, the date night needs to be livened up occasionally. Assuming that the male has been practicing appropriate penis care and the manhood is in good health, one route for keeping things lively is to let one’s penis exhibit a little fashion sense. Dressing up the dude down below can add whimsical fun and quite a few laughs to a date night.

Condom fun

Now, often an erect penis has a regular outfit that he likes to don – a sporty latex condom, for example. Snug and designed to show off the member’s physique, condoms are an excellent starting point for adding a little zing to the festivities. Too many guys stick to one color option – often the functional but rather boring “clear” – when investing in rubbers. There’s no reason not to explore other hues and see how one’s erect penis looks in a hypnotic blue, a sizzling red, a vibrant yellow or a seductive green.

There’s also no reason to stop with color. Textures, such as ribbing, can add flair to the look – and may add some extra flair to the sex itself as well. And some condoms have variation in their shape, with a cinched neckline for example. Don’t be afraid to try out a few to see what looks good – and make sure to ask for one’s partner’s opinion!

Put a ring on it.

Penis rings serve a valuable function, helping many men to maintain their erections. But beyond this practical use, they can also add a little bling-bling to the man-thing. These rings come in a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, leather and cloth. Cruising the internet (or one’s local sex supply emporium) with one’s partner to choose the appropriate ring can add some oomph to a date even before the sensual action begins. (Do remember that penis rings are meant to be worn only for a limited amount of time, no matter how much aesthetic they add to the manhood.)

Tie one on.

Neckties can be a bit of a pain for some guys, but dressing up the penis with one can be rather enjoyable. Most neckties are too long for comfortable penis wear, but with some nice fabric and scissors an appropriate penis tie can be made with little trouble. For more fun, a man should invite his partner to tie it on.

Costume party

Wearing costumes doesn’t have to be limited to Halloween. A penis costume can be simple or complicated. On the simple side, draping a handkerchief (or for the very well-endowed, a white towel) over the erect penis transforms it into a mighty spooky ghost. Add a small red cape and draw an “S” on it and the penis becomes a world-famous superhero. Place a green or brown sock over it and a man has a legitimate trouser snake. Or those who are more ambitious may opt to search out some appropriately-sized doll clothes (complete with hat, of course) and do a real dress-up number. Just make sure whatever is used can be removed quickly and easily whenever that erect penis gets the signal that it’s time to move from playtime to the main event.

Adding erect penis fashion to a date night can make for a fun evening. So a man needs to be sure to regularly use a first-class penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to keep his manhood in good health for the date’s finale. This is especially true if any of the costuming choices might irritate the sensitive penis skin. A crème with a high-end emollient (like Shea butter) partnered with a natural hydrator (like vitamin E) will provide the soothing moisture that will alleviate itching and keep the penis skin smooth and supple. Another important ingredient for an effective penis health crème: vitamin B5. This crucial supplement plays a vital role in penis cell metabolism and the healthy maintenance of important penile cells.

Source by John Dugan

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