Exaggerated Lines: Baroque Inspired Furniture

In 2012, you can expect to see a lot of style revival in home accessories and decor. Baroque inspired home decor features a lot of exaggerated lines and curves for a unique and visually pleasing look. Home accessories, such as furniture, are popping up everywhere in this particular style, making it extremely easy to come by.

About the Baroque Style

This particular style is not new by any means. In fact, it first came about in the 1600s in Italy before spreading throughout the rest of Europe. This style affected not only music and art, but literature and even home decor.

Much like with any style, Baroque arrived as the “new” and “modern” style of the time. It was visually appealing and thus quickly grew in popularity. Baroque actually went on for almost two entire centuries, though it became a weaker, “cleaner” and less dramatic style by the time the end of the 1700s came about. This is typically termed as “Late Baroque” and is less desirable than true Baroque styles of the beginning.

What To Look For with Baroque Inspired Home Accessories and Decor

In short, a few words can be used to describe exactly what you should look for with Baroque inspired furniture, home accessories and home decor in general. To start, Baroque is rich in style, it features heavy detailing: hand carving, turned legs, twisted columns and posts, heavy molding and exaggerated curves.

A perfect example of a Baroque inspired piece of furniture would be the Louis XIV style. This particular style is from the high French Baroque period and features plenty of detail and ornamentation. It is a regal, rich style that often features excessive ornamentation including carvings, painted details and heavy molding as mentioned earlier. Furniture such as cabinets, beds frames, headboards and of course, the well-known Louis XIV chair, are all items that are easy to come by in the Baroque style.

In general with this style, it is as though you are looking for an exaggerated version of Victorian style furniture. Larger in size, grander in scale with more elegant and rich tones. However, keep in mind that Victorian style emerged from Baroque style, not the other way around; so try not to get the two home decor styles confused.

With the modern interpretations of this particular style, there is no right or wrong when it comes to color. In fact, you may find that modern versions embrace color to an extreme. You’ll find Baroque styled picture frames in a plethora of stores today coming in hot pinks, bright blues, reds and yellows as well as the traditional black and white. These are a great solution for framing wall art or adding visual interest to your wall decor.

You’ll also find that Baroque inspired furniture also comes in a plethora of colors. As expected, there are the usual neutral tones: whites, blacks, grays, browns and beige. However, there is also Baroque inspired furniture coming in brighter hues: purples, blues, greens and of course, reds, yellows, oranges and even pink. So keep this in mind as you are looking for the right Baroque inspired furniture to suit your space.

Source by Emily Chadwick

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