Exercise or Tummy Tuck?

For most people, a saggy belly is not a nice thing to have. It severely limits you swimsuit options and in some cases, the types of clothes that you can wear. Saggy bellies can occur if your abdomen is overstretched beyond its ability to pull itself back together again. Being pregnant with a large baby could cause a saggy belly after delivery. Similarly, losing a lot of weight in a very short amount of time could also cause you to have a saggy belly. When dieting or exercise fail to address a saggy belly, people turn to the tummy tuck plastic surgery procedure.

The tummy tuck is a surgical procedure where the abdominal area is ‘tucked’ back into shape. This includes the tightening of the stomach muscles by stitching them together and the removal of excess skin after removing unwanted abdominal fat. Tummy tuck is a major surgical procedure that is normally done under general anesthetics. Recovery time can take anywhere from 6 months to a year. The abdomen will be sore for the first few weeks after surgery but will then fade away. There will be scars that should fade away as time goes by but the scar is usually below the bikini line.

A saggy belly is usually caused by the inability of the abdomen to ‘bounce back’ into shape once it has been overstretched. Proper dieting and exercise can still tighten the muscles in the abdomen but then the skin on the surface could pose a problem. Unlike the abdominal muscles, the skin cannot easily shrink itself to fit snugly over a well-toned stomach muscle if the skin has been overstretched. Overstretched skin loses its elasticity and will continue to hang loose unless treated.

Having a tummy tuck is one way to address a saggy belly. Since the tummy tuck is a major surgical procedure, you could reduce the amount of trauma to your body by attempting proper diet and exercise before undergoing a tummy tuck. You might be doing enough to tighten your stomach muscles underneath and maybe even lose some fat. Then your tummy tuck surgeon needs only to trim off the sagging skin and remove minimal fat. This could improve your recovery time.

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