Exotic Nutritious Red Fruits: The Rambutan And Pulasan

There is something in the rambutan and pulasan that is quintessentially typical of fresh tropical fruits. Besides the health benefits, most of them lay claims as foods for more beautiful skin and hair. A noteworthy affirmation of this is from research which shows that a smoothie prepared from carrots and certain underutilized tropical fruits such as pulasan can give you a better complexion, glowing skin and health benefits as well.

Growing up in the humid tropics is seldom without a rambutan story to tell. For one, there used to be a family who planted a screen of male rambutan trees to absorb traffic noise, to filter and cool the air. To the young mind, fruitless trees were utterly inconceivable, though the neighborhood kids found consolation in the sort of ailments that sent their mothers over to that ‘rambutan house’ for some tree roots or leaves, and hopefully, some long overdue fruiting news.

Rambutan Fruit (Nephelium lappaceum)

All things considered, rambutans are practical fruits with many different uses; but not many know of this.

For instance, a lady working at a bakery could have been saved from anaemia, had she taken the rambutan, an excellent source of iron that keeps the body oxygen at the right level and controls dizziness and fatigue st the same time.

Then that neighbor with high cholesterol could be spared from taking prescription drugs if she had fed herself with the rambutan whose strong antioxidants like flavonoids can lower the fat in her blood.

Moreover, a lady chef’s dentist appointment is totally unwarranted if she has been fortifying her teeth with the calcium and phosphorus found in the rambutan.

Pulasan Fruit (Nephelium mutabile)

The pulasan is similar to its close cousin, the rambutan, in many ways. Both fruits having cosmetic value, will give you better skin and hair. They are low in fat and calories, but high in water content; and are ideally suited for weight loss; and diabetics can safely eat them with no qualms. High in Vitamin C to strengthen your immune system from infections, the two fruits are equally rich in antioxidants with radical scavenging property.

Thus it is not surprising the two red fruits have a toxic effect against cancerous cells, as research suggests.

A fruiting rambutan or pulasan tree is a beautiful sight. Even more enchanting are those who play host in extending their warmth and generosity with these fruits. Anyone visiting a friend who has the tree in his garden will be delighted with the kind gesture to take a generous bundle of fruits home with him. Or the guest would be feted with rambutans picked straight from the tree and served in a wicker fruit basket on his patio table.

It happens that New Jersey has the most people named ‘Rambutan’ per capita; there is a road in Kluang, Malaysia by that name and a ‘Hotel Rambutan’ in Cambodia. A housing estate goes by the name of ‘Taman Pulasan’ in Alor Star, Malaysia, while Pulasan Road is located in Singapore and another in Klang, Malaysia. All these go to show the impact of the 2 fruits on real life.

Source by Kez Sze

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