Fantasy Swords – Why Own a Fantasy Sword?

The Slicing Sword

Some people are simply fans of fantasy literature and movies, so it is natural for them to wan to own the amazing swords from these great stories that help the heroes on their way to victory. Fantasy swords are the manifestation of unlikely characters that gain super-human powers and overcome some great evil that plagues the world. They have special features that the swords of real life history could never have such as unbelievable strength and speed, magical sensors that warn of dangers and blades that cut through the very core of evil itself.

The swords of fantasy stories are unique in design and purpose and they appeal to people who enjoy the endless possibilities that far exceed reality. Fantasy swords also add spice and excitement to a sword collection because of their unusual features. But perhaps one of the more noble reasons to own a fantasy sword is to spread the excitement of swords to unsuspecting fans.

That’s right. If you have a fantasy sword in your collection, nine times out of ten, people will ask you about the fantasy sword before they show much interest in the others. They will be attracted to some outstanding and unusual quality that peaks their interest. As you share your enthusiasm about this one piece in your collection, they’ll be fascinated, and before they even know what hit them, they’ll be hooked!

In this way, many people have gotten into the sword collecting world. They are first attracted to the fantasy swords they see somewhere in real life, and then they gain an understanding and appreciation for all swords.

There are many reasons why people collect swords, first and foremost being because they love them. Sword collectors love the shimmer of the steel and the graceful lines of the blades; they love the feel of the weight of strong weapons in their hands, and they love the virtues of honor and chivalry that swords represent. If you are a lover of swords and want to share that passion with others, having fantasy swords in your collection is a fail-proof way to ignite the same excitement in others. People who don’t particularly care about the old stories of battles and blood will find that they can’t resist the stories that free-running imaginations have created and the swords that made those stories come alive.

So while there are many reasons to own a fantasy sword, the “true power of the fantasy blade” is in capturing the imagination and fascination of those outside the world of swords. Therefore, you should consider the “do good” aspect you’ll have on others when you open up a whole new world to them via fantasy swords.

Source by Robert Rashford

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