Fast Food No Nos

Ok, let's face it; we all eat fast food at one time or another during the month. Some more than others, but most everyone eats fast food at least once a month. If you don't eat fast food it has to be a full blown boycott on it, because the fast food companies make it so convenient to eat. It seems like everywhere we go fast food chains are offering fresh, hot, tasty food for the price of a few dollars, or less. It is not easy to stay slim eating fast food unless you have a movie star metabolism, however it is possible to limit the damage the food does to you by making smart selections when you choose to indulge your hunger with fast food.

One great way to make smart choices on where to eat, and what to get, is to do a little homework. You don't need to be a nutritionist to discover that one fast food chain has double the sodium in their French fries then the competition's French fry sodium levels. Just doing research like this can literally cut your sodium intake in half for the day. You can take the sodium example, and apply it to calories, cholesterol, and any other ingredient that you prefer. Most fast food chains offer nutritional charts on their websites that will help guide you to this pertinent information.

If time does not allot for a sit down with the nutritional menu at your favorite fast food restaurant, then go with this general rule of thumb: less is more. If you have less food at a fast food restaurant, you will have more health benefits for it. If you eat larger quantities of food you will definitely be worse off then if you'd just had half of what you ordered.

Using your mind, and activating some deep down restraint will help you intake less toxic food, and stay healthy so you can live for a long time to come.

Source by Della Franklin

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