Features of the Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

A French cookware company, Le Creuset, made its name in the cookware market, by creating enameled cast iron ovens also known as French Ovens or Dutch Ovens. Because of their utility in the kitchen, over the last several years, these ovens have become increasingly popular with people all over the world.

Le Creuset also manufactures other kinds of cookware including saucepans, teapots, and casserole dishes. The company is most widely known, however, for the enameled cast iron Dutch oven.

The Le Creuset Dutch ovens are available in a vibrant selection of colors, and will most likely be the most gorgeous cookware you have ever owned. They are available in a wide range of colors, from green to red, to blues, to flamboyant pinks and oranges. In early 1934, the company offered one of their Dutch ovens in a Flame orange color, which has become its signature product. This flame color continues to be their most popular color.

Distinguished for their signature style of a cylindrical looking design and loop handles, these ovens are beautifully crafted. The handles make it very easy to take the dutch oven from the oven to the table to serve a meal. When the dutch oven is placed on the table, friends and family members know they are in for a treat.

To ensure that each oven is durable and built to last, they undergo an elaborate 12 step manufacturing process. Each of the ovens is given two layers of enamel, soon after finishing. These layers of enamel are then fired at about 80 degree centigrade. This firing is done to ensure the enamel is completely damage resistant while in use.

Not only do these ovens spruce up your kitchen, but they also enable you to cook safely and quick. Cooking occurs much faster in these enameled cast iron Dutch ovens since they maintain their heat exceptionally well. Evenly distributing the heat all throughout the food is one of their most unique features. The even heat distribution is the quality that helps to create some of the most scrumptious meals including stews, soups, risotto, breads, and pot pies.

In one pot alone, you are able to cook a meal large enough to serve five to six people. They also have a secure lid to make sure that the moisture is locked in while cooking, which enables you to cook faster. This way you also avoid the chances of overcooking or undercooking.

The oven includes a phenolic knob that can tolerate temperatures as high as 375 degree Fahrenheit. Additionally, its interior is sand-colored and non-reactive, making it an ideal serving bowl as well. The oven also comes with a non-breakable exterior. It is resistant to chipping and will not crack. There are many stories of the same dutch oven staying in a family for several generations. These ovens are built to last.

In addition to the above list of qualities, the Le Creuset enameled cast iron dutch ovens are also dishwasher safe, and have a lifetime warranty. This piece of cookware is solid, beautiful, and equipped to help the cook create incredible meals.

Source by Natalie Meyers

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