Find How to Brake into the Hyper Profitable Energy Drink Industry

If you haven’t already seen the latest beverages on your local store shelves, you’ve been missing out on a profitable opportunity. Once limited to health food stores and fitness supplement retailers, energy drinks are becoming the latest way to quickly and easily make a profit as an Energy Drink Brand, distributor or wholesaler.

The industry has grown 700% in the last 5 years and still growing at up to 72% every single year.

The energy drink industry is booming because of the current attention to new brands, non-coffee drinkers, health and fitness and the help of Red Bull, Monster Energy Drink and Rock star Energy Drink. As people have become more interested in making their bodies feel healthier, more aware and happier, the beverage industry has looked for a way to bottle these intentions and create a portable way for people to be more energetic and profits have been bigger than ever.

It used to be that energy drinks were limited to those with caffeine – coffee, tea, and caffeinated carbonated beverages. However, this was a limited scope to the beverage industry and often created sagging profits for retailers. People just wanted more choices to their beverages and were becoming bored with what they already knew. But some manufacturers realized that supplement use was growing and wondered how they might be able to use that interest to their advantage.

By adding certain vitamins and minerals to traditional beverages, manufacturers saw exponential growth in their drink sales. Not only were people drawn to the enhanced products, but they were also willing to pay top dollar for the added benefits. Drinks that would normally cost a customer a dollar were now able to be sold for three and four dollars. Coffee houses have been doing this for years, but the bottled drink industry now realized how profitable it could be.

Adding more caffeine wasn’t the only option either. Manufacturers found that adding things like guarnine and taurine gave drinks the appeal of helping with endurance and energy, while things like artificial sweeteners could help to be advertised as diet enhancing drinks. With fruity flavors, they could also be marketed to younger age groups as well.

What’s more interesting is the fact that the energy drink industry continues to expand without slowing down in sales. Even with the many choices that are available, people are still buying energy drinks in large quantities. You can also find these drinks in a number of places, which adds to their overall profit capability. Gas stations, grocery stores, and even schools are now carrying the energy drinks as they seem to be ‘healthier’ than sodas and much more appealing.

The energy drink trend is also becoming stylish among the younger age groups. Instead of carrying around a typical soda bottle, people feel much more hip carrying around a nicely labeled energy drink. The sleek look creates interest in the drink and even helps to advertise it as the drinker carries it around. Bars are even stocking energy drinks and creating new mixed cocktails with the drink as a main ingredient.

Source by Jorge Olson

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