Find Out What Colour of Hunter Wellingtons the Celebrities Wear

The Hunter Story is a symbol of British country life that has gone global, with fans from Windsor Park to Park Avenue. They are green, original and unmistakable.

Hunters are the preferred Welly brand from the Royal Family to fashion icons like Kate Moss and have now become a fashion statement on both sides of the pond, worn with edgy flair by the summer festival crowd or the slippery streets of Manhattan in the winter.

Hunter has escaped the English countryside and is conquering the world by great force. One of the reasons for this Trans Atlantic success is the list of Hollywood names snapping up this very British brand.

Here you will find the answers to which celebrity is wearing Hunters? What style and colour of Wellies do they where? Unfortunately we won’t be able to list every single one, as there are just too many famous names to list in this little article but we have compiled a list of the most frequently names asked about below.

Hunter Fact, Hunter Boot sent all 2008 British Olympians who won Gold for Britain a set of Gold Hunter Wellies. This colour is now available to the public and is one of Hunters Best sellers for Glastonbury 2009.

Princess Diana- Original Green Hunters

Kate Moss- Original Black Hunters

Kings of Leon (Group)- WaterAid Hunters

Angelina Jolie- Original Red Hunters

Madonna- Original Navy Hunters

Gwyneth Paltrow- Original Aubergine Hunters

Kelly Rowland- Original Red Hunters

Katie Mula- WaterAid Hunters

Mary Kate Olsen- Original Black Hunters

Wil Young- Original Green Hunters

Rachel Bilson- Jimmy Choo Hunters / and Original Red Hunters

Peaches Geldof- Original Black Hunters

Jamie Hince (The Kills)- Original Black Hunters

Nichole Ritchie -Original Green Hunters

Kelly Osbourne -Original Pumpkin Hunters/ and WaterAid Hunters

Jody Latham (Shameless)- Short Original Black Hunters

James Blunt -WaterAid Hunters

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