Finding Your Emotional Hot Button – The Story of James Usher

Finding your emotional hot button is a key to achieving success. Unless you know the reason why you want to achieve the goal or outcome you do, you will not have enough fuel to the fire to keep you going. Your reason why will be your motivation. You must define your own hot buttons in order to achieve success. Your hot buttons will be key tools you can use in your journey.

There is a true story about a man named James Usher. This story is the true definition of finding hot buttons to achieve success. The story goes as so.

James was six years old when he was sitting right beside his father, while his father was shot and killed. When James was 14 years old, he held his mother while she passed away after being ill for almost a year. His mother was on welfare, Social Security, and food stamps. She would receive monthly checks from the government for each. After she died, another check came in the mail that was made out to James, along with the other checks his mother had been getting. James marked the envelope, return to sender that the checks came in. He had six brothers that were very upset with him, but he still refused to take the money. Because of the difference between him and his brothers, he decided to live on his own from that moment on.

James is an African-American male that was born in a small town in Mississippi. By the age of 12, he was earning around $150 a week cutting yards with his best friend. He was voted less likely to succeed by his classmates in school.

James set a goal to achieve financial independence by the age of 35, so that he could help others in need achieve success. He wanted to be a motivational speaker so that he could spread the word of positivity and how important it is. He wanted to help other people realize their dreams in life.

Today, James owns several businesses, is a motivational speaker, and travels around the country giving speeches. He also provides scholarships for students who are in financial need.

Now you ask, what was his hot button? He had an emotional hot button. As his mother was dying, she told him to make something out of himself and make her proud. These simple words from his mother were the driving force behind James’ success in life. Every time he wanted to stray from his course, he remembered his mother’s dying words. You may not have a similar situation such as drastic. You can find an emotional hot button that will give you fuel to achieve your dreams. All you have to do is look. What is your emotional hot button?

Source by Darius Maslow

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